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I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, reader, wanna-be chef, interior designer who always has a project in mind, music lover, dish & silverware collecter, and runner. Plus a lot of other things, but I don't want to brag :)


Happy (Late) Thanksgiving

This year we took a road trip to Blanding (about an hour south of Moab) for Thanksgiving with Adams grandparents and aunts that live down there. He lived there and went to College of Eastern Utah down there for about 2 years. It's pretty much out in the middle of all the major places ie: Lake Powell, Canyonlands, Arches National Park, Natural Bridges and other really pretty places. Blanding itself, however has only 1 stop lightso there isn't a whole lot going on. Nevertheless, it was really nice to get away and relax. Cambria did NOT sleep well, or any I should say, at all. Infact, one night she wiggled out of her diaper, pee-peed all over herself and the blankets, then she managed to scoot all but her head underneath the bed. It was pretty silly to see what she had done to herself in the night.
On Friday morning we went exploring and found some Indian ruins, they were pretty intact and interesting to walk around in.

On our way home on Saturday we stopped in a rock shop to look around at rocks that had been there for a VERY long time and I asked Adam to take a picture of me with Cambers since I have a total of 3 pictures with her since she was born. How cute is her smile?!
Look at what the dogs did to Adams shoes. Pretty funny huh?
Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I have so much to be grateful for...the lord has truly blessed our family.


Karly's Shower

On Saturday we went to my sweet Aunt Leslies (who always throws such awesome showers) for a bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law Karly. Her and Chris met while Chris was training for a job in Southern California. They are getting married at the end of December. It was so fun...to see my cousins who are still up there, spend time with my family, and see my bro and his cute fiance and how happy they are. It's awesome what being in love does to people, you can just see them glow. The two of them seem really perfect for eachother, like they balance each other out. Plus it was fun to spend a little more time with Karly, I've only seen her for a total of hours and it was fun to get to know her better. Also fun to see what a crazy, fun family she is about to become a part of!
Here is my Cambria, who looks very inibriated with her cute cousin Maci who is learning to suck on her thumb, much to the chagrin of her mommy :)
How freaking cute is the smile on Maci!!!! I love it, she smiled maybe once the whole time my sister brought her down last month, but now she is smiling and talking and holding her head up. It was so fun, I love her so much!!
And my sweet Cambria who flails her arms around whenever she gets super excited! It was fun to spend time with my family, since I won't see them until Chris's wedding in Cali. Thanks Adam babe for letting us go up there, we missed you so much and wished that you were able to be there with us!

Happy Birthday!!!!

So, this is super late but I still think my sister would want everyone to know that she is now 25!!! Her birthday was on the 15th. She is amazing, anyone who has even met her would say the same thing. She is strong, fiercely loyal to her friends, family and testimony and is an awesome example. I look up to her in so many ways for the strength that she has always had to press on through hard things and still remain faithful to the things that she believes. Besides being spiritual, she is also incredibly kind, outgoing, funny, witty, intelligent, caring and a really great listener. She is awesome, and I love her so much. I admire her for still being my best friend after years of living with my disorganization:) We love you SISTER!!!

Time with Grandma

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post, but wait...yes I can! It's been crazy busy the past little while and seriously, it's all I can do to get a shower in during the day! But here I am, back and ready to brag about the time we got to spend with my mom the weekend before last. She came down on Friday night and watched Cambria while Adam and I went to Wingers (love their creamy sauce and Adam loves their chicken pot pies) and had a date. On Saturday we went to Snow Canyon State Park and hiked around. It was an absolutely beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and still short weather. It was awesome. We took Cambers out in her baby carrier, expecting that she would cry and protest the entire time but she did awesome. When she was sick of sucking on her bink, she opted to suck on the carrier itself, leaving nearly the entire front drenched with cute baby drool. It was fun to have Adam too, he doesn't usually get to see much of visitors sometimes when they come down cause of the silly work thing. :) Anyways, it was awesome to walk through the canyone, especially since I was the tour guide! Thankfully we made it back safely!
Here is a picture of Grandma and Cambers in the hat that she seriously despises. It is still to big for her so it creeps down over her eyes and she does not approve. We had a lot of fun. Later that night, Adam had to work so me and my mom took the baby to Taipan to see if we could get any ideas for my brothers upcoming wedding reception. Yep, Chris is getting married and we are super excited! It was fun to spend time with my mom and we appreciated her taking time to come visit.



I just wanted to give a Hip Hip Hooray to my awesome mom who just finisher her last math class on Thursday. Not only did she finish and pass but she got a B+!!!! She is awesome, she has worked so hard and overcome so much frustration with math and she did it! We are so proud of her and wanted to brag about our awesome math Gramma and mom:)


Kristin and Maci

Last weekend Kristin and Maci came and stayed with us while Tanner was away on business in New York. It was so fun to see both of them, Maci is so much fun. She by far makes the funnest, cutest noises and faces. They got here Wednesday night just in time for Adam and I to leave and for Kristin to tackle both the girls by herself.

This is a picture of Cambria and Maci on Halloween at the ward trunk or treat. They both fell asleep in the back of the car. So cute

Then on Thursday Kristin and I just hung out for a while, went on a really cool walk on a trail that I'd never been on and then met Adam for lunch at the Olive Garden. It was so funny how many people asked if they were twins. At first we said no, and then by the end of the weekend we were sick of saying they were cousins and just 5 weeks apart that we just started saying Yep, they are twins. I totally love this picture because it looks like shes dancing and it looks like a move that both her mom and her dad taught her.

On Friday Kristin and I went shopping, we just got a Taipan Trading in town and we went to check it out. It was so much fun, I really miss living close to my family and just having someone to do stuff with during the day. Maci wasn't too keen on Cambria invading her space like she was....she was a trooper though.

Here are the beautiful girls just chillin. I think I said earlier that Cambria will pretty much suck on her entire fist until she nearly gags herself and this picture made me laugh because not only will she suck on her own fist, but she is ready to pounce all over Maci's innocent hand. I have a good feeling about these two....good times ahead. Thanks Kristin and Maci for coming down to visit us, it was such an awesome time. And thanks Tanner for being out of town and letting us play:)

Halloween 2007

For some reason I totally love Halloween, I think it's because I love to wear fake eyelashes and Halloween seems like the really only appropriate time for a non-Hollywood person to wear them. Some how I find a way to wear them no matter what my costume is. We had lots of fun this year. This is a picture of us at our ward trunk-or-treat. It was SO funny to be there with all the kids because they had no idea what Adam and I were. They all thought that I was Pocahontas and had never heard of a hippie, which is what I went as. We were at a Halloween party for a friends son and we went dressed up. Most of the kids didn't know what the heck Adam was, until one little boy spoke up and said "Duh, he's Lehi." Yeah, I was laughing hysterically. That night my sister and Maci came down (more about them later) and watched Cambria while Adam and I went to Tuacahn to see Thriller. For those who don't know what Thriller is its a dance production put on by Odyssey Dance Co. for Halloween. It's amazing and we have gone the past 3 years. I am always in awe of dancers. I think I might be a little less clumsy had a stayed in dance class. It was awesome to spend time with Adam.


All About Me

Here is all about me from A to Z (ha ha ha!)
A - attached or single? - attached at the hip to the love of my life
B - best friend? - my hubby Adam, my mom and sisters
C - cake or pie? - usually neither unless it's strawberry pie with graham cracker crust
D - day of choice? - pretty much any day besides Monday or Wednesday...they seem to go by too slow
E - essential item? - sunglasses (even though I ALWAYS misplace them) and make-up (yep, I refuse to go anywhere without it)
F - favorite color? - purple or orange
G - gummie bears or gummie worms? - bears....worms are too slimy
H - hometown? - I say Bountiful but currently live in sunny St. George
I - favorite indulgence? - either getting my hair done or getting a pedicure. Mostly a pedicure because then I don't have to make small talk
J - January or July? - July....that's when Cambria was born and I hate more than anything to be cold
K - kids? - yep, the most beautiful :) Cambria Taelen just turned 3 months
L - life is incomplete without? - my family, the gospel and sadly Diet Dr. Pepper
M - marriage date? - January 3, 2003
N - number of siblings? - I have 2 sisters, 1 brother, 1 brother in law and 1 soon to be sister in law on my side and on my husbands side I have 5 sisters and 6 brothers
O - oranges or apples? - probably oranges because on our first date Adam brought for us to eat the most tastiest oranges I've ever had in my life. they remind me of that day
P - phobias or fears? - afraid of getting cancer. Weird, but I am
Q - quotes? - when I asked my primary class what we should name the baby they voted on "Vam" which is short for vampire....mmmmm :)
R - reason to smile? - seeing Cambria get her huge grin on her face, watching my hubsband get excited and cheap jewelry.
S - season of choice? - fall, the colors are so beautiful!
T - tag three friends (if you read this and your name is here you have to do it!) Katie, Sarah and Liz
U - unknown fact about me? - that I do not own 1 pair of white socks. I only have patterned socks
V - vegetable? - tomatoes and pickles
W - worst habit? - getting in car accidents :)
X - x-rays or ultrasounds? - ultra sounds...they are funner
Y - your favorite food? - pretty much anything from Macaroni Grill and berries...especially raspberries
Z - zodiac sign? - crabby cancer

Probably more than anyone wanted to know, but I'll be checking on Sarah, Katie and Liz to see if they did theirs :)