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Trip to Oregon Part 2: Eugene

She wasn't all that intersted in the hike ;) This trip is the most she has ever fallen asleep while not in a crib/bed. She was fallin asleep on his shoulder almost everyday!

She probably slept like that for 20 minutes. Side note: The super nice couple with their cute kids that let us borrow ALL their stuff while on our trip, have this son who was so funny. Once we got to the top of the hill he just randomly shouted it "It smells like basil!" Who even knows what that smells like?!

The crew chillin after a great hike. Very pretty view & great workout for my chicken legs.

This is the view of Eugene from Spencers Butte. That cool thing about that town is that it felt "small town" but it was actually a really decent size. Bigger than I thought.

This is before we set out on our bike ride around Eugene. I love how Cambria's acting all put out about her arm being touched by Rocky

At one of the AWESOME parks that city has....they are all over and so well maintained. Cambria honestly had no fear of those ducks, even though some were taller than her. She was ready to follow them into the water!

Rocky and Marci....aren't they so cute :)

After the bike ride....they both fell asleep. Doesn't she look comfy?!

Cambria stuck in a meteorite. We went to this cool Natural History museum on the U of O campus and there was this skeleton of a saber tooth tiger that she LOVED. Honestly she kept running back inside the building to look & roar at it.

My two loves. She was so excited to be able to spend so much time with Adam...they both had so much fun together.

Dont ask me where she got that silly face she's making from....it's not from me ;

Jumping on the benches at the U of O campus...which is gorgeous by the way. Well, at least on the outside. The buildings are so beautiful and old and i loved them, and the inside was just plain old.

On our way back to the airport, we watched Rocky while Bran and Marci went and did a session at the temple. It was an amazing temple, a lot like the DC temple. It makes sense that so many temples now are a variation of one design, but I love the older temples that are all different.
After we toured the coast we hung out in Eugene for a few days. From the sound of the name, you might think it's kinda old man-ish, boring, lame. It wasnt any of those things. It was beautiful, vibrant, and just so alive. I loved it. We went hiking through the Arboretum up to Mt. Pisgah, went bike riding and did alot of running. Bran & Marci are training for the Newport OR marathon and they were good sports to let me tag along....literally. I had to really push to keep up with Marci...she's awesome. We ate good food, laughed ALOT, and all in all it was really good for us to spend time with their cute family. It gets to be hectic when everyone is around that the one on one time gets lost. Thank you so much for letting us come, we love you guys and had SO much fun. Side note: They are awesome cooks. They cooked so much yummy, good, healthy food for us that I've been inspired to start cooking more healthy & more often.


I think I mentioned in an earlier post how this year was off to a rocky start, but that it had also started with some really great things. One of those was getting back into touch with my partner in crime from highschool. Literally, we were inseperable and I'm not sure how many people knew us individually. We were usually referred to as "Cara and Liz." Anyways, she posted about her "monster" and the reasons that she runs.

I also run. I'm not very fast and I don't go for hours but it is something I really enjoy doing. And I wanted to share the top ten reasons why I run...

1. i'm not a very competitive person, but when i run i really enjoy competing against myself. i enjoy the struggle between my body and mind and find strength in the times that my mind wins over my body.

2. 30-60 minutes of no thinking, no whining, no cleaning, listening to MY music as loud as I want are some of the best parts of my day :) I'm just doing my thing, which is such an amazing feeling. Not worrying about anyone else or anything. love it!

3. i run to be healthy and stay in shape. I want to enjoy life as long as I can and be able to do as much as I want when I'm older. It's really important to me that I'm healthy for my children & grandchildren.

4. i run because i have the ability to run. I've been blessed with a body that works and I'd be a fool not to take advantage of that.

5. running invigorates me & makes me feel alive. i can breathe & connect with myself and nature.

6. i run to feel a part of something; a good conversation with a friend, an amazing relay, the outdoors, the other people who are up & moving around at 6 am.

7. i run to make my legs stronger & muscleier (ha ha) so that kristin doesn't call me "chicken legs." so far running hasn't really improved either of those things, i'm still holding out for it to though.

8. i run to feel a sense of accomplishment. I love to feel the burn in my legs (and lungs) after a good run, makes me proud.

9. i run to feel that rush of adrenaline that comes after 3 miles, that rush that makes me feel like i could just keep going and never stop. i LOVE that feeling...where nothing hurts & it just feels natural to do it.

10. i run to show myself that i have power to change my habits.

Anyone else out there do something they love/sometimes loathe? You are tagged then...

Whoever said Sunday was a day of rest?!

Before Cambria goes to church

After Cambria goes to church. Imagine what mom & dad look like afterwards!