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I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, reader, wanna-be chef, interior designer who always has a project in mind, music lover, dish & silverware collecter, and runner. Plus a lot of other things, but I don't want to brag :)


Powdered Sugar Twins

See if you can figure out this equation: 2 crafty, devious two year olds - 2 moms + 1 full opened bag of powdered sugar x 3 seperate rooms.......


Christmas 2009

Alright, these pictures are 1) way overdue, 2) way out of order and 3) way cute as Cambria would say. Hopefully you'll find them entertaining without understanding their order ;)
So, Christmas this year was wonderful! We went down to Anahiem and spent a week at my moms house. It was beautiful weather and fun to spend time together. We had tons of good food and goodies, good laughs and good memories.

On Christmas Day we went down to Huntington Beach with Maci and Cambria and "Cindalella" was there making balloon things. Kinda weird, but they were so excited! Gotta love that about California.

Cambria is so like Adam......climbing around in the tidepools with her shoes off, picking up stuff and doing whatever she wants. She was so excited to see some hermit crabs & other tide pool creatures.

Its freaking freezing right there on the beach and she has no shoes or jacket on. Honestly if I didn't give birth to her I'd think she wasn't my child ;)

Random (I told you)....just a taste of the hideousness of some of the christmas decorations which surround us in at Christmas time. Adam said that it looked like "The Light Parade at Disneyland threw up on their house". It's true....it does ;)

Pictures at Sea World in their matching shirts.....thanks Gwamma!

Pictures like these are far and few between people, so take a good look. Usually they are shoving, hitting, crying, screaming or wrestling.....what a magical moment!

Cambria and Mace, my mom and I after a long day at Sea World. Let's just say we're glad we made the decision to go there instead of Disneyland. I honestly cringe when I think of doing that one day.

Christmas morning....this picture represents that whole morning for this little girl. She wanted every single present in sight and was ready to throw down for it too.

Adam, Cambria and I at Huntington Beach.

Dolphins at Sea World. I have a suggestion for parks like this: ropes that are "intended" to keep people out of certian areas should really be more toddler-proof. Cambria walked right up to the edge of where the dolphin trainers feed and was splashing around. And that was just the beginning of the day ;)

Playground at Sea World=life saver for tired parents, aunt, uncle and grandma. I think she thought this was just as good as any other part of the park.

Mom and Cambria as soon as we got there. I know that because this is the only time she looked like this while in the stroller. Let's just imagine what the other times looked like.

Sweet Hannah was our driving companion on the trip and she kind of got the shaft. Sorry Han ;) Cambria put her to good use in the back seat.

At the Princess store.....one of the best pictures of the whole trip. She was so excited to see all the princess stuff that she was pretty much telling anyone near her all about Cindelella, Sleeping Booty and Snow White.

That Darth Vader was made entirely out of Legos.

Cambs and Gwamma at the beach....they were both in heaven.

I'm incredibly grateful for my family.....there are no words to express my love for them. I adore my husband and appreciate is patience and love. My daughter makes me realize how precious each day is and I love to be around her. My mom is amazing and an incredibly dear friend. My siblings are my support and I don't know who or what I'd be without each of them. Things in all of our lives are changing but I want them to know how much I love them, need them, miss them and appreciate them.


Seven Years

Seven years ago today I married the love of my life, the man of my dreams, and the person who was made for me. My sweet Adam and I have been through A LOT these past years:

2 houses
1 night "roughing it" in Zions
7 moves
countless newts & fish
1 daughter being born
3 Chuck-A-Rama stores
heaven only knows how many jobs
5 cars
6 siblings getting married
1 sky diving trip
1 college graduation (that we didn't attend!)
all seasons of LOST, 24, Bones, Friends & Burn Notice
1 foreign trip & countless road trips
3 Dr. Mario tournaments
and an innumerable amount of good memories & laughs
I am in awe of the incredible man, devoted & involved father, patient & selfless husband, generous friend, brother & son, and honest & humble employee that he is. Words do not adequately express my love and admiration for him, for what he has taught me, and for what he makes me want to become. Here's to seven incredible wonderful, exciting, adventerous years and to the many more that will come! Love you babe~