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Just the Girls

Conference weekend my two sisters and beautiful niece came down and it was so fun! Kristin bought tickets for her, Hannah and I to go to the Colbie Caillat concert at Tuacahn...which was awesome! We are lucky she bought them so early, because they were sold out the day that they went on sale to the public. It was fun to be just the three of us, Adam bravely stayed home with the girls. He had more fun than he let on. He said that he had put them down to sleep when Kristin's in-laws who were in town stopped by 5 minutes later. Maci woke up at the noise and so Adam brought her out to see them and tried to get Cambria to go back to sleep. That threw her into a fit of rage which sent her soon after rolling off the bed. My sweet Adam felt so bad!

Maci and Cambria are so funny together, they both get so easily flustered by eachother. They times are far and few between where they are both happy and smiling and getting along (hope that isn't a foreshadow of what is to come.) Clearly Maci doesn't like Cambria hovering over her :)

Pretty much all weekend the two of them were kissing, or should I say slobbering on eachother. It was so so cute....they actually would reach out their arms towards eachother and hug and just suck on each other's foreheads. Then we took the girls swimming in the not so warm swimming pool and it was a blast! Maci was ecstatic...I can't remember seeing her so excited in a long time. Plus she hadn't even gone into the water yet and she was super excited. Plus she had the cutest swimsuit ever, unlike Cambrias scary Strawberry Shortcake swimsuit.

If you look close, you can see the tattoo that I put on Cambi's "muscle". I bought them at Target a while ago and thought it would be fun to put one on her...she didn't mind but a lot of random strangers thought it was mean. Not really sure how it's mean to put something sticky on your childs arm that she doesn't seem to even notice...but whatever.

All in all it was so fun to have them down....I miss living closer to my family. It's so nice to live on our own and be independant but it's also so nice to be surrounded by family and people that really know you.