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Halloween 2010

This year Adam wanted to have us all dress up in costumes that related to each other. First it was Snow White (Cambria), Wicked Witch (Me...duh) and Prince Charming (why do dad's always get to be the good one?!). Then she wanted us to be Snow White dwarves Snopey and Grumpy. That's right, Snopey. Adam suggested Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool hoping she would go for it because, after all, she could be a princess. Then Cambria was introduced to the world of Avatar.....and it was all down hill from there. She was adament that she be a Snow White Avatar. I'm pretty proud of her for coming up with that all be her creative little self, but finding such a costume proved a bit tricky :) A friend of ours made the shirt and tail while I attempted to paint her face like an Avatar. There was NO way she could persuade me into being an Avatar...so here we are Snow White Avatar with her two plumber friends Mario and Luigi.

At the zoo they had trick or treating and so I took Mace and Cambria for a while. It was so fun! There was lots of people there giving away candy plus lots of good costumes to see. And plenty of places for Cambria's super silly smile.

This year we picked out pumpkins but were too lazy to carve them, so we decided to draw faces on them and put wigs on them. It was actually pretty fun....Cambria kept changing wigs around on the pumpkins and hiding the tiny Quincy pumpkin.

Love this girl!

At my moms ward Halloween party....look at how sweet Adam's moustache is! Love him :)