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There is too much for me to write about! So, to ease my anxiety about everything, I'll just use bullet format and hope that I'll get back into the swing of things soon!

-We got back up to Bountiful the last weekend in May (I know...almost a month!) and are just now unpacking the last of our boxes

-Adam started his new job as the Production Manager at the Bountiful Chuck-A-Rama. He is so great at his job, and we are so proud of him. It's funny though because he's worked there for so long now that nothing really sounds that good when we eat there!

-My cute youngest sister graduated from Bountiful High at the beginning of June. I can't believe how old it made me feel....it was 10 years to the date of my graduation. Weird. It was fun to be there with my mom and Kristin. Plus I loved listening to the RANDOM organ music the chick was playing. Songs from Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Les Miserables, Titanic....it was too funny.

-We took Cambria to Lagoon for a few hours with Eric, Feliz, Gav, Hayden, Becky and Caleb. She loved it, even more than I thought she would. She was so excited to go on the few rides that she could, but was just so excited about all the energy at the park. It was fun to be with Adam and his fam for awhile. Except when we went on the Rocket...hate that ride!

-Cambria's vocabulary has become much more extensive: Babia (cambria), happy belly, I want money (or anything else she can say) now!, no, Ninnee (Indee), Bampa (grandpa), Mahma (grandma), poo poo walk (not really sure what this means!) and so many other silly things. She is amazing and has really turned into such a little person. She is praying with us, singing songs, saying letters and numbers and becoming so independant. I'm so proud of her and love to be her mommy....even if she says no to me WAY more than I ever want to hear.

- Adam got super sick (probably swine flu) and that was horrible. Don't recommend getting that!

- We have been so busy seeing friends and family! It's been fun and we are grateful to live close by.

That's it for now, I'm sure there are things I missed though. Oh well....


Friends we miss and love!

So, I'm not apologizing in any way for how long it's taken me to put these pictures up! I'm having major anxiety and I knew that looking at these pics of my st. george peeps would be hard. But, we do hard things and I wanted to share some of the fun things we did with our awesome friends in St. George before we moved away.

Me, Whitnee, Tracee and Laura....Whit was so gracious to host a BBQ in her ridiculously cute house and it was so much fun. There was super good food, awesome converstaion, some pretty funny kiddos and all in all a great time.

This is Max and Cannon....two of the cutest boys ever! They were on a major potato bug finding mission that night. I think one of them rounded up 16!

Cambria and Ava....oh how I love Ava. She is so silly and sweet and full of personality, Cambria is still always asking if she can play with Ava in nursery ;)

Some of the kids in our ward. The activity we had planned was to go skim boarding (way harder than it looks or sounds) and have a BBQ. I brought Adam and Cambria along and we had so much fun. Well, until we were playing in the water & I got tackled which threw my wedding ring right off my finger. Into the disgusting, dirty, flowing water. After a very necessary profanity (sorry Colton) and some incoherent screaming I was searching all through the water. Adam was convinced I'd lost it and no one else really understood what I was saying, so I was frantically looking through the water and I amazingly found it. I know. I'm a moron for wearing it in the water...lesson learned ;)

Ava and Cambria chillin in Matt's truck.

We had a get together at Vernon Worthen park a week or so before we left. We bought a whole lot of pizza and invited as many people as we could think of. We were so grateful for so many good friends who came to see us, eat with us, stay late & play volleyball. It was truly overwhelming to feel the love and support of so many people who cared about us, or who were there for free pizza. Anyways, this cute girl is Olivia.

Some of the kiddies....Cambria, ZeZe, Hallee, Carter, Olivia and Chandler.

Ryan and Lolly...she worked with Adam at Ruby River and he gave us so many great discounts on art work & framing. Man we are gonna miss them ;)

This is one of my sweetest and best friends McKenna, her hubby Bart and their ADORABLE baby Ella. Kenna and I worked together at Pier 1 and went throught a lot together. She has been a great friend to me for a long time and I love her and her cute fam.

My cute VT Jenn and her cutie Preston.

I know I look like a tard in this pic, but it's one of the ONLY ones we have with our awesome friends Nat and Adam. This was after we packed up our house & we tricked Natalie into coming over by telling her that we needed help cleaning and instead went out to dinner. It was so much fun, but honestly it's hard not to have fun with them! She is my running buddy, and I so miss her!

This is Micah, Chelsea and their daughter Lily, who is just 3 weeks younger than Cambria. They have been awesome neighbors and made living there so much more bearable. Love them.
There are a lot more people that we love that we don't have pics of, but love nonetheless. Our friends will probably never entirely know how much we love and appreciate them, they truly were our family and a major support to us, even if they didn't know. We love you guys, and miss you!