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I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, reader, wanna-be chef, interior designer who always has a project in mind, music lover, dish & silverware collecter, and runner. Plus a lot of other things, but I don't want to brag :)


For Gramma C

Thanks for the valentines outfit Gramma! Love, Cambria

Sledding Day

When we were up north for Adam's grandmas funeral we had a little bit of spare time and decided that we would take Cambria sledding. We got her all bundled up in Indee's snowclothes and took her down the hill. She LOVES the snow. One more sign that she is Adams daughter, she does not get that love from me! She had so much fun! I don't know that she had so much fun going down the hill as she did grabbing handfuls of snow and sucking on it. Oh yeah, and riding around in the sled...she enjoyed that.

I had such an awesome time being with Adam and his brothers that weekend. Just like it was a real bonding time for my family at my Grandma's funeral, that weekend was real bonding with his siblings. It was great to have down time and just talk, laugh, play with our kids, and spend time together. Most of the time when we are up that way we usually have a pretty tight schedule, but for those couple of days we just were together. I want them to know how much it meant to me to be able to spend that time with them. It's been pretty cool to be the first sister-in-law in their family because I've been able to know each of them singly and married and see them become these really amazing people. It was fun to stay up late talking, those are really treasured conversations. I guess as difficult as the month of January was for us, it was also a real eye-opener. The things that we get to take with us when we leave this life aren't the things we spend most of our time in a day worrying about. They are friendships, experiences, memories, conversations, and testimonies. My love for my family has deepened. My appreciation for them has expanded. My desire to be a good friend, neighbor and stranger has grown and I'm grateful for the people who have influenced those feelings. January was a month of loss, but also of growth. I connected with family members, in-laws and precious friends.

6 Random Things

This is for my cute cousin-in-law Caitlin, who I totally wish still lived in St. George ;( Anyways, this is just a sample of my randomness.....

1. One of my favorite things to indulge in is Cool Whip. Not on anything, just by the spoonful. I've loved it for years!

2. I have a goal to read every book on my AP English Lit reading list. Some have been really good, some have been questionable as to why they would even be on that list :)

3. I despise wearing matching pajamas. I feel bad saying that knowing how many years my mom bought them for us for Christmas...but I'm more a boxers & t-shirt kinda girl.

4. I used to have make cookies and sell them to neighbors for Christmas when I was in jr. high

5. When my best friend in highschool and I didn't get invited to go hang out with some of our friends we took her parents car and drove around. Twice the car stalled and we had to get someone to help us start it again. We were both 15.

6. Due to an eye injury I got in a car crash, I don't have working tear ducts in my left eye. Adam thinks it's pretty funny that I can only cry out of my right eye.

Hopefully that was good for ya Caitlin.....now I tag Becky, Aynna and Marci.


Happy Birthday Pwetzeler!

Maybe you're wondering what a pwetzeler is. Maybe you're wondering who it is. The answer to both of those questions is the most attractive, funny, thoughtful, sincere, caring, selfless, hard-working person I know...my love Adam. Today is his 31st birthday and I just wanted to shout out how much I love, admire and respect him.

Adam is the kind of guy that would give you the nicest and newest without ever buying those things for himself. He has a wonderful sense of humor but is also an insightful and thoughtful person. I am amazed by his knowledge of the scriptures and the ability he has to teach those principles to others in a relatable way. He would drop anything for Cambria, and I adore that he adores her so much. He takes care of us and provides us with all of the things that we need as well as so much more. He has dreams, aspirations, and innovative ideas and even though some of them haven't happened he still comes up with new ones. He is full of adventure and is not a boring person to be around. He is my prince charming and has been more than I ever dreamed was out there. I appreciate his listening ear, his tear stained shoulder, his child like excitement, his Christ like life and his faithful love to me and Cambria.

We love you Adam babe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Grandma Melba Jolley

My Grandma Jolley called me Addie Poo. I'm not sure why she did and I now I wonder why I never asked her about it. Nonetheless, it was awkward that it was my nickname and despite those that think it is a cool name I didn't like it. Grandma unexpectedly passed away this January. Now I miss being called Addie Poo because I miss my Grandma. There are noble and great ones in our life that teach us and inspire us to be better people and plant in us a desire to be a good example to others. My Grandma was one of those people.

This is the first post that I have ever written. Cara is the creative one in our relationship but I wanted to take a minute and express some of my memories about Grandma.

I remember walking to her house when I was little and playing with her dog, Toby.
I remember her letting me sleep in her bed with the down comforter and she would sing "My Grandfather's Clock."
She was a wonderful cook and she introduced me to delicious dishes such as breakfast cake and steak pie.
She loved to work in her yard and even though she would say it was a disaster I know she was proud of the beautiful flowers and the placement of all the rocks she would have Grandpa move around.
She would send me $2 bills on each birthday because they were special just like us grand kids.
I remember trips with Grandma and Grandpa to Fruitland, Idaho to visit the Martarano's and the cousins.
I remember trips to The BlueBird Cafe in Logan
We both loved to eat the Fat Boy vanilla ice-cream bars that are dipped in chocolate and nuts. Grandma had a testimony of the gospel and I loved to hear her tell about her Temple experiences.
I remember in church she would rub lotion on my hands. During sacrament Grandpa would doze off to sleep but Grandma would nudge him and in a voice too loud for sacrament would say,"WHAT?!!"
She knew all the family members and what was going on in their lives. She cared and prayed for each of us.
I miss eating polish hot dogs with her.
I enjoyed hearing her dreams about her "cabin" at the land.
Grandma was someone I could talk to and laugh with.
I wish I could have her back but thankfully I am not in charge because I know she is having a great time with Grandpa once again.
Love you, Grandma.


Honestly....who wouldn't want to take a bath with her! She is so Adam's daughter in that she LOVES to swim. Me..not so much. I know this is a random post, but I haven't blogged in forever and I have some really cute pics. Of Cambria. Not really anyone else.

Her new favorite thing is to get into the laundry basket and then put dirty clothes, or any clothes for that matter, around her neck.

Helping me organize. Yeah right! Me, organized?!

Her 2nd favorite thing to do....sit in the fridge and turn the light on and off. Now looking at this I can see how badly my fridge needs to be cleaned!

Cheese/please smile. Instead of saying "please", she does this. Talk about wrapped around her finger ;)

My Silly Scambria.....

I love this girl more than words can express! She makes my days crazy/awesome and I love to be with her. What a silly personality she has and I love it ;)