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I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, reader, wanna-be chef, interior designer who always has a project in mind, music lover, dish & silverware collecter, and runner. Plus a lot of other things, but I don't want to brag :)


Quincy Rigby

We are so excited that she's finally here! Born Sunday November 28, 2010 at 6:17 pm. She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and 21" long. We might be biased, but she's absolutely gorgeous and totally perfect. All those nights of tiny feet kicking my ribs were worth it :)

Apparently the thumbs up means she approves....although she's been pretty excited this whole pregnancy. She wasn't, however, excited when we decided to name her Quincy instead of what Cambria had suggested: Ariel. I know, tough decision but I think we made the right one!

Perhaps not the greatest of family pictures, but the first of our family of four. We'll have to work on it :)

Adam doesn't like this picture because he says her eyes are scary from the antibiotics they put on them, but I love it. Look at her little frown! It's adorable! She has the most expressive little lips, Cambria has them too.

More pictures to come, but we are so excited! It couldn't have been a worse actual day to have her....it was like the snowstorm of the year(s). It honestly snowed a white out all day! We barely made it to the hospital and we live only 15 minutes away. She's going to be like her sister....she's gotta make an entrance and be memorable. Can't wait!


Halloween 2010

This year Adam wanted to have us all dress up in costumes that related to each other. First it was Snow White (Cambria), Wicked Witch (Me...duh) and Prince Charming (why do dad's always get to be the good one?!). Then she wanted us to be Snow White dwarves Snopey and Grumpy. That's right, Snopey. Adam suggested Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool hoping she would go for it because, after all, she could be a princess. Then Cambria was introduced to the world of Avatar.....and it was all down hill from there. She was adament that she be a Snow White Avatar. I'm pretty proud of her for coming up with that all be her creative little self, but finding such a costume proved a bit tricky :) A friend of ours made the shirt and tail while I attempted to paint her face like an Avatar. There was NO way she could persuade me into being an Avatar...so here we are Snow White Avatar with her two plumber friends Mario and Luigi.

At the zoo they had trick or treating and so I took Mace and Cambria for a while. It was so fun! There was lots of people there giving away candy plus lots of good costumes to see. And plenty of places for Cambria's super silly smile.

This year we picked out pumpkins but were too lazy to carve them, so we decided to draw faces on them and put wigs on them. It was actually pretty fun....Cambria kept changing wigs around on the pumpkins and hiding the tiny Quincy pumpkin.

Love this girl!

At my moms ward Halloween party....look at how sweet Adam's moustache is! Love him :)


Family Pictures

Awhile ago Adam and I realized that when I was pregnant with Cambria we took a TON of pictures. One every month to see how big I was getting plus so many more. We have maybe 5 pictures of me this pregnancy. So we decided to do family/pregnancy pictures. We've also had our pictures taken as a family once since Cambria so we figured it was time. Anyways, Adams awesome cousin Caitlin (photosbycait.blogspot.com) took these of us and we loved them!

It's been nice to not have anything to post about for a while, which means that for the last little bit and time being that life has settled down for us. At least for the next 6 or 7 weeks. Around here we are all keeping our fingers crossed that Quincy comes before Thanksgiving so 1) I can enjoy my favorite thanksgiving dish, 2)so that Adam will be able to be there with me in the hospital since Thanksgiving is the busiest day and he would probably just say "Good luck. Send me a picture when she gets here" and 3)because I'm super ornary lately and I don't think my family will stick around much longer if I keep it up!
I've been feeling so anxious lately about another baby. I'm sure it's normal, but anxious for me is pretty overwhelming. I just have really loved having so much time alone with Cambria. She is so fun and quirky and silly. She's so excited to be a big sister and talks to my belly all the time. We decided on a middle name, but before we told her what we chose we asked her what it should be. She promptly answered "Toodles." It's debatable wether or not she watches too much Micky Mouse Clubhouse :) Her and Adam made a pact that they will both call her that. They are a funny pair.



About 4 years ago Adam and I with a few friends went on a backpacking/camping trip to the Havasupai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon and just fell in love with it. It's this beautiful hidden place in the middle of nowhere with waterfalls and ridiculously clear blue/green water. We have been itching to go back for a while and finally did. We didn't plan on me being 6 months pregnant but I wasn't about to stay home while everyone else got to go have fun :)

Anyways, it was just as beautiful as I remembered, less water this time, but still amazing. Plus, being with just Adam for 5 days and watching him be like a little kid jumping into the water was totally worth it! We may or may not have gotten extremely lost on the way down, but that's all part of the experiance when traveling with Adam and I. At least we got to see the Grand Canyon!

Getting ready to hike down......after spending 20 hours in the car and sleeping for maybe 2 hours.

The actual town where the Indians live. We may or may not have gotten lost in this stupid town while hiking out at 4 a.m. Pretty sure we had every single stray nasty dog barking at us or following us around.

This is the way you climb down to Mooney Falls....crazy! And this is only part of it.

Chillin in the water. I'm positive that it was at least 120 degrees outside the entire time we were there and this water was the perfect temperature to cool down my prego belly.

Somewhere in that waterfall is Adam jumping off. He had a blast and it was fun to see him so excited :)

We had such a blast! I'm so glad that Adam let me come....the hike was 10 miles each way. I told him that we could ride a horse out but then when I saw them trotting down the hill on the way in I opted to not go into labor 3 months early and told him that I was gonna walk out. We had them take our packs out, but I know he was bummed that we had to hike :) Thanks babe, I sure love you and had a blast being with you!