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For a friend.....

Yes it's been almost 5 months since I've posted. Yes there's no really good excuse. So here is what we've been up to :) Literally days after Quincy was born Cambria had her first dance recital down at the festival of trees. She did so good and was so excited. She may or may not have done her own routine (as evidenced by the picture above) but she did look so dang cute. I was so proud of her for not even being scared to be up there. I definately have myself a girl who loves herself the spotlight.

This girl has been so great these past months with being a big sister. She loves Quincy so much and really just wants to be wherever she is.

This was pretty much what every picture of Cambria holding Quincy looked like for a long time. Things are getting a little better....Quincy has come to terms with her big sisters holding style.

Oh this baby of mine is so precious. I love her and am so grateful that she is here. Life has been super crazy these past few months and she has been such a happy content sweet gift to me.

This is exactly how Cambria looks everytime she sees Quincy and talks to her. In her face. Every. Single. Time. It looks cute, but trust me it can get on your nerves every now and then :)

We blessed Quincy in this beautiful dress that a friend of ours from St. George actually crocheted for Cambria but gave it to us after we'd blessed her. Its gorgeous and so special because this friend passed away and never got to see it on either of my girls.

And that is pretty much the same face that Quincy has when Cambria makes the above mentioned face. They are so fun and silly and kooky.

Adam took Cambria skiing for the first time this year and she loved it. Of course she did....that girl was born adventurous and stubborn. She seriously had a blast going down the hill and going on the lift and eating all the snow she could imagine. She might have enjoyed the snow eating part more than anything!

Here you go sweet friend of mine....Sorry that I've been such a slacker! I'll try and be better.