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I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, reader, wanna-be chef, interior designer who always has a project in mind, music lover, dish & silverware collecter, and runner. Plus a lot of other things, but I don't want to brag :)



About 4 years ago Adam and I with a few friends went on a backpacking/camping trip to the Havasupai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon and just fell in love with it. It's this beautiful hidden place in the middle of nowhere with waterfalls and ridiculously clear blue/green water. We have been itching to go back for a while and finally did. We didn't plan on me being 6 months pregnant but I wasn't about to stay home while everyone else got to go have fun :)

Anyways, it was just as beautiful as I remembered, less water this time, but still amazing. Plus, being with just Adam for 5 days and watching him be like a little kid jumping into the water was totally worth it! We may or may not have gotten extremely lost on the way down, but that's all part of the experiance when traveling with Adam and I. At least we got to see the Grand Canyon!

Getting ready to hike down......after spending 20 hours in the car and sleeping for maybe 2 hours.

The actual town where the Indians live. We may or may not have gotten lost in this stupid town while hiking out at 4 a.m. Pretty sure we had every single stray nasty dog barking at us or following us around.

This is the way you climb down to Mooney Falls....crazy! And this is only part of it.

Chillin in the water. I'm positive that it was at least 120 degrees outside the entire time we were there and this water was the perfect temperature to cool down my prego belly.

Somewhere in that waterfall is Adam jumping off. He had a blast and it was fun to see him so excited :)

We had such a blast! I'm so glad that Adam let me come....the hike was 10 miles each way. I told him that we could ride a horse out but then when I saw them trotting down the hill on the way in I opted to not go into labor 3 months early and told him that I was gonna walk out. We had them take our packs out, but I know he was bummed that we had to hike :) Thanks babe, I sure love you and had a blast being with you!


Oh yeah...

We're having A GIRL!!!

July Firtieth

Oh how I love this little girl and can't believe that 3 years ago she finally came into our life. She is unbelievably independant, smart, silly, creative and wonderful...I just can't imagine what I'd do without her. We had a blast on her birthday and I hope she enjoyed it because it was WAY too much work :) And we aren't doing something like this for at least 10 years. Please remind me about this next year though.

Bowling at Boondocks. To be honest she was way more interested in twirling around with her sucker than rolling the ball. Plus when she did roll it, the ball barely made it half way down the lane! It was awesome :)

The dress we bought her for her birthday. For anyone who doesn't know Cambria has no idea how much she loves dresses and how much of a fight she puts up if she can't wear one. It's actually really obnoxious sometimes, but what do you do? I thought this dress was awesome, and wished there was one in my size.

We had a party at the park next to our house for her and it was so fun and so dang hot! Lots of friends and family came out to celebrate and we SO appreciated every one who came. We had tons of food, played some games and just hung out.

Even Leila got in on the action :) We had a blast but most of all it was a great day to spend with Adam and Cambria and people that we really care about. Happy Birthday my sweet bug, mom and dad love you so much!