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I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, reader, wanna-be chef, interior designer who always has a project in mind, music lover, dish & silverware collecter, and runner. Plus a lot of other things, but I don't want to brag :)


i am

i am: in love with my daughter
i think: about adam when we aren't together
i am happy: that we have jobs and a house
i have: a lot of ideas that will probably never come to pass
i miss: my dad
i fear: eating chicken that I didn't prepare
i feel: blessed to have all that I do
i smell: really good. Someone gave me some new lotion and I love it!
i usually: don't accomplish all that I plan to in the day
i search: everyday for my keys and phone
i wonder: why people think it's okay to lie
i regret: thinking that things I did only hurt me
i love: hanging out with my family
i care: about being a good and Christ-like person
i tell: funny jokes and then I laugh at them
i worry: about things I can't control
i am not: organized, in the least!
i remember: every word to a lot of TV show theme songs
i believe: that my Savior loves, knows and cares about me
i sing: in the car with the music at full blast when I'm alone
i don’t always: try and be nice to some people
i don’t like: when people don't really listen to me or take advantage of me
i write: a lot of lists and then lose them
i win: hardly any game that Adam and I play together
i lose: at any game that requires a strategy
i dance: incredibly! I have a lot of moves that the world isn't ready for!
i wish: I could take my mom and sisters to Scotland
i never: get tired of watching my Friends DVD's
i listen: to Cambria "talk" and love it
i don't understand: how come I can't make a decent batch of chocolate chip cookies!
i can usually be found: at Target. I put it as my emergency contact :)
i am scared: of car crashes
i need: to pay my credit card off
i forget: to lock my car door all the time

I tag anyone who reads this and their age is an even number :)


Christmas pics

Since I've been super cheap and busy this year, I'm still debating about Christmas cards. So if I don't get them out I'll just share the pictures I took of Cambria in the cute dress I found for her for Christmas. Don't mind that she has no tights on, I looked no joke for an hour for them and refused to buy some, so she just didn't wear any :) Anyways, just a few random pics....

Family, Friends, and Food

This year for Thanksgiving (I know...I'm super late) we got to have most of my family come down and hang out for a few days. My mom and Hannah came down late Wednesday night and on Thursday we prepared a FEAST. It was so so good....kudos to Han on her amazing sweet potatoes and to my mom for the yummy deserts. Actually my mom pretty much helped me do everything...it wouldn't have been half as good if she wasn't there to help me. It was so much fun to spend time with them. Later that night Tan, Kristin and Maci came down and spent the rest of the weekend with us. I'm bummed that we didn't even get a pic of my mom before she left, but she was there :)

Han and Kristin at the Pizza Factory where we ate on Saturday night. Our waiter was awesome...he tackled Cambria and Maci messes and tantrums like a pro. Honestly, how beautiful are my sisters? Jealous much.

Me, Cambs, Maci and Tan at the Pizza Factory. This is taken just seconds before I put Cambria down and she thought she could walk by herself down the stairs. She can't. Not even a little bit :)

On Sunday we tried to take some pics on the leaves, but only a few turned out. Love this one.

Hannah, you are such a babe!

Cambria pretty much thinks that anything she can straddle is a motorcycle, so here she is riding her motorcycle, Aunt Kristin. She had so much fun with Grandma, and her aunts, uncle and cousin. She did have a definite preference for Kristin though. She would not let Hannah anywhere near her...it was funny/weird!

Hannah killed everyone on Guitar Hero

Rubbing the Buddha belly

I'm almost embarrassed to put this up because it is so weird. I'm not sure where her sudden fascination with her belly button came from but Kristin said she poked at her belly button til it was red! I think I'm in for it with a daughter who doesn't think twice about pulling her shirt up around her neck in public!

Queen Maci on her throne. Once that sweet girl found this chair she would not get out of it. I kid you not when I say she literally sat in this chair ALL weekend and loved it. Hint Hint Santa ;)

Adam, Tan and Han took the girls to see the ducks. I won't go because the geese that are there freak me out and try and bite me. Adam was pretty proud of himself for catching this duck....way to go love!

Maci and Cambria clearly loving the duck feeding excursion

How I love my little Maci. She is just the cutest little shrimp there ever was and I treasure the time I get to spend with her. I love how cuddly she is, Cambria isn't. How cute is this, her just chillin on Tan?!

Cambs found my shoes in my closet and was walking around in them. I love that big grin and the large drool spots all over her shirt. She is majorly teething and just won't quit the drool! Thanks for coming down and spending time with us family, we sure love you and don't know what we would do without you. We missed you Chris and Karly!