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The Princess meets a Princess....

And oh my was she excited :) We took her to Disneyland because she's free until she's 3 and Adam and I volunteered to get free tickets. We paid for parking and that's it! So, we weren't really expecting a whole lot out of the trip...maybe a princess in passing and whatever rides weren't ridiculously long. I'd heard horror stories about people waiting in line for hours to see the princesses and as much as I love my daughter, I wasn't about to do that. But we happened to pass by when there was NO LINE at all...we seriously waited 10 minutes and got to see 6 princesses. She was so excited and the whole trip was worth it just to see her face light up when she got to take a picture with Cinderella.

One day we are going to have a talk about making weird faces for the camera, but I guess it works for now. She is so dang silly that it'd be pretty unnatural for her to just smile :)