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I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, reader, wanna-be chef, interior designer who always has a project in mind, music lover, dish & silverware collecter, and runner. Plus a lot of other things, but I don't want to brag :)


Anything but boring.....

I remember the days, pre-pregnancy, when I thought that life with kids would be boring and monotonous. Somedays are monotonous but very few are boring, especially these days. cambria gets herself into all sorts of silly places and despite my frustrations & challenges with her, her adventerous, silly, loveable, imaginative self is irresistable. See what I'm talking about...

This is literally what we can call white trash :) While "helping" rake the leaves she had to take a ride in them and we honestly played in the garbage can for about an hour.

If ever we take her shirt off, it is absolutely necessary for her to wear it on her head like so and show dad. This one was just tight enough to make her look like she was a scuzzin' everyone.

Hanging out at HAFB with buddies Trey and Michael. That was one of the best places to take them...no people, lots of room to run and cool things to see.

They held hands the WHOLE time in the car. These boys are SO cute. I love them so much!

Dress ups are so fun right now! Usually she is just cotent to play "Super Babia" with her blanket/cape, but how cute is this?!
She loves Baby Leila and was super excited to help dad watch her while we celebrated Kristins birthday. I am so grateful for this little girl, for all her wonder & questions, and yes, even her exasperating independance.


Happy Halloween!

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