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I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, reader, wanna-be chef, interior designer who always has a project in mind, music lover, dish & silverware collecter, and runner. Plus a lot of other things, but I don't want to brag :)



Sunday through Tuesday we had part of Adams family down for UEA to visit. They were fun to have and so helpful with Cambria. She was smiling and dancing and laughing for them and had such a fun time getting to know her aunt and uncles and grandma. They were sweet to watch her while I ran some errands and got some work done. We carved some pumpkins and when I say we I mean me, Adam and his mom instead of the kids!. But it was fun and always nice to have people come stay.

I am trying to make sure that I put Cambria on her stomach every day so that her little neck and back gets stronger, but she doesn't really like to do it. I put her down and five minutes later she was out. I had to laugh and when I looked a little bit closer there was a huge puddle of drool all on the pillow. I laughed so hard. She has figured out that she has hands and apparently really loves to see how far down her throat she can stick them. She gets pretty far and usually ends up gaggin herself. I laugh at that too!

Our really sweet friend who lives in our condo complex always makes booties for Cambria and she made these. If you can't tell what they are they are freaking cute rollerskate booties. She definately didn't like me shoving her foot in there, but they were so cute.


Very Concerned

This is a classic Cambria face, where she looks so concerned. As if there was anything in her little life that she could possibly be concerned about. I fear that it's a definate sign that she is going to be somewhat dramatic. Nothing like her mom :)
I also love it when we have her use her tiny legs and practice standing. She does super good for a while but then when she's tired of it her legs start to give out and she does this cute little bootie shakin, leg quivering dance. I can't help but laugh right at her because it's so darn cute.

Last night Adam and I attempted to have a date night. We had heard about this place in town called "Extreme Racing" and I guess it's like an indoor car race track. We were excited to go, although I don't know why I thought I would be good at it at all. I'm a horrible driver both in the video game and in real life. Anyway, we drove over to where it was, was being the key word because it closed down. And since the only things to do here in St. George after 6 pm are go to Extreme Racing, Target and Wal-Mart, we bit the bullet and headed to Wal-Mart. I really detest Wal-Mart a lot of the time because the parking lot is always freakin full and then there are only 3 check out lines out of 45 that are open. We walked in to get some groceries and seriuosly it was busier than the day after Christmas. Not even kidding, there were more checkout lines open than I've ever seen and so many people. Not really sure why, but that just made me more annoyed that we were even there. Despite those things, it was really great to spend time with Adam. It's so fun when we are just together. I love him for making such an effort to spend time together, that is so important to me. Even if it is to Wal-Mart!


Fall Football

So last night Adam and I took Cambria to her 1st Dixie State football game. It was probably the windiest (not sure if that's a word) and coldest day we could have gone, but since a friend of ours got us the tickets and we were excited to do something we went anyways. She was bundled up in as many blankets that we could find, but still wasn't a fan of the wind.
Anyways, it was so fun. It's weird because I wasn't really into the highschool scene, but going to football games in highschool and college bring back such fun memories and good times. Don't think that I really watch the game though :) Adam had fun too, he likes doing stuff like that. It reminds me of when he was the mascot at Weber State University and I went to a lot of those games. I'll tell you what, Waldo the Wildcat had some pretty sweet dance moves!


Pain in the neck

How could anything sleep through that? It's so funny what positions she sleeps in. To me that looks painful, to her it is the ultimate sleep position. She definately has her daddy's "super sleeping" abilities which means they could sleep through anything, at anytime and anywhere!
We are at a crossroads here in St George, we really love living here because it is beautiful, and still kind of small (although it is getting signifacantly bigger) and we enjoy being on our own. However, it is getting to be ridiculously expensive. We would love to sell our house now but realize that even if we sold for a profit, we really wouldn't be able to afford much else in town. Sometimes I think having to make grown up choices really isn't fun and is more of a pain in the neck :)



It's funny, no one can really prepare you for mommyhood. It's not that people don't try but it's really just something that can't be prepared for. Or maybe my expectations were unrealistic. These thoughts come as I sit here, supposed to be drafting, but all I can do is smile at Cambria as she sticks her tongue out and smiles and is trying to talk to me. I distinctly remember saying to a friend at work that there was no way I could stay at home all day for 6 weeks and not work. I truly thought that I would be bored out of my mind because really, how hard can it be to take care of a baby who can't do anything? I'm laughing as I think of it because often times all I can accomplish in the course of a day is take a shower and put makeup on!
I am not a horrible person for what I am about to say, I was truly just ignorant. I had no way of knowing. With that said, I remember thinking BEFORE I had her that she would "cramp my style" in so many ways and that I would really love it if I could go back to work full time and have someone else watch her. I couldn't have been more wrong. True, she does cramp my Target shopping time and me and Adams quietly watching a movie while cuddling time, but it couldn't be more rewarding and wonderful! I really never thought that I would enjoy being home with her, but it is wonderful.
Yep, gotta go Cambria is drowning in the profuse amont of bubbles she is making!



So, this past week was pretty crazy, in a fun way. Last Thursday we spent the day in Manti where Adams younger brother Derek married Annya Evans. I love the Manti temple, it is so amazing. It's one of the temples that is so old but preserved so well, the craftmanship of everything is beautiful. They are a pretty cute couple. The picture is of them, the next night at their reception in Layton. Yeah, they are crazy which is why they are definately Rigbys! But, it was sure fun to show off Cambria to people who hadn't met her yet. She is so good to let people hold her. She doesn't sleep much and by the time it's just me and her and I can't hold her all the time she gets pretty fussy. Its worth it though. Anyways, the reception was fun. I know Adam had fun decorating their car and recruiting any and everyone to help him! The next day we spent at my moms house watching Conference and spending time with family. It was fun, we haven't had all us kids together like we did on Sunday for a long time. We spent a few days with Karly, she is so perfect for Chris. I've never see him act like he does with her and that's awesome. On Sunday we blessed the girls and that was awesome. I kept asking Adam for weeks before the blessing if he was nervous as to what he would say and he said no. He and Tanner both did a beautiful job and when he sat down he said he was so nervous that his leg was shaking! He's funny. He actually drove home to St. George later than night, and I stayed with Cambria until Wednesday. On Tuesday we went and hung out with my cousins Lauren and Erin and Erins two cute girls Emma and Mary outside of the Jordan River temple where we waited to see my other cousin Jordan who was serving her mission in the South Salt Lake misison. It was fun to see them, I miss all the fun family get togethers we had. Anyways, it was fun! Now I just need to get Cambria back on a schedule so I can get some semi-consistency in my day!



I know, many people will think this
is a crazy picture but Mr. Snake (a ball
python) is part of our family too. And
my sweet husband loves animals.

Cambria meets Carm A. Chameleon




I've decided to finally start a blog, thanks to the reassurance from Lauren and Sarah that it wasn't hard. So, life is good. Cambria is wonderful, it's hard to imagine what life was like without her. We went to the doctor today for her 2 month checkup and shots. I thought that she would be cranky and that we both would be bawling, but she did awesome. She only cried for a minute, and I think it was mostly because she was cold! She now weighs 10.5 pounds and is 23.5 inches long. We just got back from Bountiful, where we blessed her with Maci. It was so cool to be able to do a double blessing with my sister, couldn't have asked for a better day. Everything went well, it's always fun to show her off to friends and family.