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Quincy Rigby

We are so excited that she's finally here! Born Sunday November 28, 2010 at 6:17 pm. She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and 21" long. We might be biased, but she's absolutely gorgeous and totally perfect. All those nights of tiny feet kicking my ribs were worth it :)

Apparently the thumbs up means she approves....although she's been pretty excited this whole pregnancy. She wasn't, however, excited when we decided to name her Quincy instead of what Cambria had suggested: Ariel. I know, tough decision but I think we made the right one!

Perhaps not the greatest of family pictures, but the first of our family of four. We'll have to work on it :)

Adam doesn't like this picture because he says her eyes are scary from the antibiotics they put on them, but I love it. Look at her little frown! It's adorable! She has the most expressive little lips, Cambria has them too.

More pictures to come, but we are so excited! It couldn't have been a worse actual day to have her....it was like the snowstorm of the year(s). It honestly snowed a white out all day! We barely made it to the hospital and we live only 15 minutes away. She's going to be like her sister....she's gotta make an entrance and be memorable. Can't wait!