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Swimming Days and Running Nights

So...we took Cambria swimming
for the first time this weekend and I am pretty sure that she
loved it! She pretty

much loves bath time and splashing around so I thought we might as well start her early. For
anyone who knows me knows that I am a horrible swimmer, and by horrible I mean that I couldn't do it to save my life.....literally! Which is weird because I did take swimming lessons, albeit it from a questionable/scary teacher reeked of smoke :) It's one of those things that if Adam knew that about me before we got married...he might not have asked.

Anyways, I digress. Cambria LOVED it and had so much fun. I thought the water was way too cold, so I took the pictures and the two of them played :) I think Adam had as much fun as she did! That bathing suit is actually a 12 month suit, but the one that should have fit her (and is much cuter) didn't. Don't think I didn't try my hardest to squeeze her into though.

Other than swimming, Cambria can now add to her list of things that she does so cute....acting like a lamb. The other day we were playing and all of a sudden she just started saying "ba ba ba" and then blowing raspberries. And no joke...non-stop since then. I love it, it is so cute. Sometimes she'll scream it, sometimes she'll whisper it and she'll change her mouth up in different ways. It's so amazing to see her grow, there just isn't any other word.

In other more grown up, less exciting news....I have been running/training for my brother in law Tanners race (http://www.ragnarrelay.com/wasatchback/index.php) that is coming up at the end of June. I've ran in it two years, this will be the first that Adam isn't running with me. I really love to run...I'm not fast but I love the feeling of just moving, sweating, and clearing my mind. Usually I start training on a treadmill and then ease into running on actual trails, but this year just isn't the case. Since I don't have a gym pass, I take the stroller out. Not a running/jogging stroller, the regular one that doesn't move as well and feels like it's going to fall to pieces! I'm excited for it, although I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this race. The year I run I think to myself, "Cara, you are crazy..there is no way you are doing this next year." So the next year I help out at the race and think to myself "Man I wish I was running in it, it's such a cool feeling." And both of those are true!

This past week I got to see my Aunt Sue, Sarah and her incredibly cute & lively daughter Ava. They came up from Las Vegas to see us and eat at Cafe Rio (yummy!) I love getting together with them, it's so great to see family!

And the last bit of news comes from Adam who really wanted me to post this because he is so proud of it. A few weeks ago he entered a sweepstakes contest and won a free 32" LCD/HD TV for free! I know, cool huh. And a much welcomes upgrade from our tiny tiny TV that drives me crazy. Anyways, he thought if he's going to get a new TV, it might as well be one that he wanted so he sold it and it going to upgrade to some wha bam big TV. I personally would be grateful for anything larger than our current one, but know we have to wait until he can find the perfect one for the perfect price. Boys and their toys. I'm sure he'll make me take a picture of the one he finally chooses, so stay tuned!


Peebles Family said...

So, it's funny that you posted this. I've been training for a half marathon and a triathlon. My next blog is about my running shoes. Two great minds must think alike.

erin sheely said...

i'm jealous sarah and my mom got to see you guys! i LOVE your sweet baby's swimming suit. what awesome arms she has. i miss you guys!!

Layne & Kelly Nelson said...

Wow great post! Love the swimming pictures! I'm SO impressed that you are going to do that race! I'm an awful runner. I really don't think I do it right because after 20 minutes on the treadmill, my hips are killing me (not to mention that my thighs rub together). Thats awesome that you won a TV! The only thing I ever won was an alarm clock in the form of Garfield's head. My name was on TV and everything. I think it's my turn to win something good.