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Mother's Day

I wanted to pay a tribute to the women in my life who have been incredible examples of motherhood and womanhood.

First of all, my sweet mom. (I'm already tearing up!) There is a special place in my heart for the woman who believed in me, loved me, stood up for me & taught me so many truths. She did those things even when I treated her like she never deserved to be treated. She is truly my best friend. She has given me perspective through dark and trying times. She has laughed with me until my stomach was sore. She listens to my fears, joys, complaining and anything else that I tell her. She is immovable in her faith in the Lord. I am in awe of who she is and what she has been through. My gratitude for her is inexpressible. She has sacrificed so much for me and I hope that she truly knows of my appreciation and admiration for her. I love you Mom. Cambria loves her Grandma that makes up songs for her, dances with her, and teaches her embrace herself.

Secondly, my husbands mom who I also love very much. This sweet mom has been so gracious to me since becoming part of her family. She has been selfless in giving time and money to come visit us. She has been such an integral part of my amazing husbands life, teaching him honesty, hard work, respect, and faith in His Savior. She is an amazing cook who honestly makes dinner for people almost every night. She would drop anything and come help. I just want her to know that I love her and am grateful for her example as a kind and loving mother to her kids. I appreciate her willingness to try new things on my behalf, even though change isn't something she enjoys :) I sure love you Kathy.

I need my sister to know how much I love her and admire her as a beautiful person and mother. She has been such a support to me while we have been going through the same kid phases and i have enjoyed having a partner to commiserate/smile with. You sister are amazing and I am so proud of the wife & mother that you have become.

Also, my sister & sister-in-laws who do or do not have kids....I love you as well and appreciate the example of righteous women you are. I have had these women come into my life and bless my with their individuality and uniqueness. I love each of them so much and am grateful for the things that bind us together and allow us to know and love each other.

Lastly I want my sweet friends, old and new, to know that in some way your life has influenced and touched mine, making life sweeter. I have been surrounded by friends and family who have loved and influenced me. Thank you.


Cody and Haylee said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you sweet Cara!!! We love you so much!


Happy Mother's Day....when is Sister's Day....we need to rally for one of those :) I love you so much and am so inspired by your faith!

erin sheely said...

You are the cutest. Happy Mothers Day (late) to you!