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How to hike to a waterfall

Make sure to bring your friend, who's sometimes your enemy, but who's usually your best friend
do some interpretive dancing and belly button cleaning

make sure your hydrated. Like really, really hydrated. Like stop 5 or 6 times to go to the bathroom in a bush or behind a tree or on some rocks hydrated.

You MUST touch the water any and all times that you see it while hiking. Not touching said water would be disastrous, probably fatal.

make sure your mom is there to give you a pep talk

rejoice excitedly when you reach the waterfall. play in freezing water and climb over every rock that can be found, even if that means falling and repeatedly getting hurt.

Oh yeah, and make sure you bring your really cool aunt and uncle along with you too. That always makes it funner.

Don't leave behind anyone at a waterfall, especially this beautiful, happy sweet baby.

make sure you end the hike at least 3 hours later when the sunset is gorgeous and the clouds are threatening a seriously cool rainstorm

that's how we do it. anyone want to join us next time?


Anonymous said...

haha! that's funny...hiking with young ones can be very interesting!

Marci said...

That is the cutest post. I love it when you blog because you make everything so entertaining. I miss you guys too much.

becky rigby said...

I love your new background. I can't wait to see more of Caitlyn's pictures.

Corinne said...

I'd love to join - that sounds like my kind of hike :)

Danae said...

Yes! Pick me, pick me! :) Too cute, Girlie!

Kirsten said...

This cracks me up! It sounds like one of our hikes! Love the look of your blog-- so stinking cute!

Praveen RS said...

Such a nice photos
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